supplant in a sentence

Also, his dive-roll dodge move is supplanted with a dash move.

Courses in Mobutism supplanted courses in religious instruction.

Redleg”, the 1950s sleeve patch/mascot supplanting the modern ” Mr. Red “.

By 1960, the bass-baritones had largely supplanted the baritones in most corps.

This view has to some extent supplanted its predecessor, Freudian Oedipal theory.

Stone was supplanted by bronze and iron in implements of agriculture and warfare.

According to Chippewa traditions, they had much earlier supplanted the original miners.

As a result, Family Feud quickly supplanted Match as television’s highest-rated game show.

Charangas Charangas supplanted the típica as the standard instrumental line-up for the danzón.

The words “novel” and “romance” The short “novel” supplanted the longer “romance” in the 1680s.

According to its authors, Mondlango is not intended to supplant or replace any national language.

It retained that name until the end of the century, when the name Broadway finally supplanted it.

He fears that the local laws and customs of the Saxons will be supplanted by those of Northumbria.

The Internet supplants activities, like watching television, rather than other forms of social life.

In the late Boreal it was supplanted by the spread of a deciduous forest called the mixed-oak forest.

Megan essentially supplanted Rachel Ghorbani as a viewpoint character in East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Russia supplanted Sweden as the dominant Power on the Baltic Sea and became a major player in European politics.

The solo madrigal was supplanted by the aria and solo cantata; the ensemble madrigal by the cantata and dialogue.