Supervise – Supervision – Supervisor in a sentence

use Supervise – Supervision – Supervisor in a sentence


[verb] to watch and direct;

Children under 6 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

She supervises 5 women working in a daycare center.

A teacher is not required to supervise exams, one of the assistants can do that.

Children under 5 must be supervised at all times.

Your job will be to supervise the four people at the front desk.


[noun] the act of watching and directing;

This medicine should be administered only under the supervision of a doctor.

New drivers can only drive under the supervision of an experienced driver.

All children must be under adult supervision while on the play equipment.


[noun] a person of watching and directing;

You must receive prior approval from your supervisor before making any purchases for the office.

The student teacher had to produce a number of sequenced lesson plans for her supervisor to evaluate.

The supervisor has announced that our first staff meeting will last for two hours, and subsequent meetings for only one hour.