Superstitious in a sentence

Definition of Superstitious

beliving in magic and chance

Use Superstitious in a sentence

Moreno is a superstitious soul. He always keeps 13 cents in his right-front jeans pocket.

Now, I try not to be overly superstitious; I like black cats about as much as I like any other color cat.

A superstitious person believes breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.

From earliest times, people pierced their ears, nose, and bellybutton as a superstitious practice, believing that the holes would release demons from the body.

People are very superstitious when there is trouble. They look to anything for luck.

Ghaleh Maryam said she too was superstitious, and once a fortune-teller had lived under her roof.

Mam had always been a superstitious woman, but after papi left, she started washing her hands in the supernatural sink.

His friend rejects such advice as being as trite and superstitious as keeping a rabbit’s foot.

Eight is a magic number to the superstitious Chinese, who will need all the luck they can get.