supernatural || in a sentence

There exist supernatural beings.

He believes in the supernatural.

Find someone who believes in supernatural phenomena such as ESP.

Discussion question: Do you believe in supernatural phenomena, such as ESP or telekinesis?
So-called supernatural phenomena, such as clairvoyance and ESP have never been proven to exist.

Ancient peoples all over the world had their own gods and goddesses who were associated with supernatural powers.

I don’t know whether she believed me or not but in any case it seems she doesn’t automatically dismiss talk of the supernatural.

Karl Marx argued that man found only his own reflection in the fantastic reality of heaven, where he sought a supernatural being.

So-called supernatural phenomena, such as clairvoyance, and ESP have never survived the empirical test, and are, therefore, unacceptable to the scientific mind.

In the Middle Ages, English soldiers believed that an army attacking a castle could invoke supernatural forces to their aid if they marched counter-clockwise around the castle walls.

The video is my protest to the supernatural team for killing off Bobby.

If I believed in the supernatural I would say he had sold his soul to the devil.”

“He had no superstitions, religious or supernatural beliefs,” Dennis Cleven said.