sunlight || in a sentence

sunlight makes my room warm.

sunlight brightens the room.

The rock glittered in the sunlight.

The icy road sparkled in the sunlight.

The pupils of our eyes contract in sunlight.

We get some of our vitamin D through sunlight.

sunlight pours into the room through the window.

My eyes narrowed into slits in the strong sunlight.

The high building deprived their house of sunlight.

It’s dangerous to expose babies to strong sunlight.

We had better protect our eyes from direct sunlight.

sunlight and water are agents that make plants grow.

The warm sunlight is full upon the green wheat field.

He used his hand to screen the sunlight from his eyes.

The sunlight glared down on the marchers in the parade.

She used her hand to screen the sunlight from her eyes.

Too much sunlight can damage your skin and make you look old.

As everybody knows, vampires die if they are exposed to sunlight.

We tied back the flaps of the tent to let some morning sunlight in.

sunlight is no less necessary to good health than fresh air.

After the car had been waxed, it shone in the sunlight like a mirror.

Camels seem to prefer resting in sunlight even if shade is available.

Camels seem to prefer to rest in sunlight even if shade is available.

sunlight sparkled on the beautiful blue water as we paddled across the lake.

The planets produce no light of their own, we see them by reflected sunlight.