sunglasses in a sentence

My friend paid over $200 for a pair of designer brand sunglasses.

The young man disguised himself using a wig, false beard and dark sunglasses.

Green colored sunglasses are supposed to be best at cutting glare.

The lens fell out of my new sunglasses, so I got my money back.

I scratched the lens of my sunglasses when I was cleaning them.

He wears sunglasses with mirror lenses, so you can’t see his eyes.

Of all colors, gray lenses in sunglasses best protect the eyes against the sun’s rays.

When the woman took off her hat and sunglasses, he realized that it was it ex-wife.

No one recognized him with his sunglasses on.

Sunglasses have remained a trendy fashion accessory for the last fifty years.

For reasons of safety, please remove your sunglasses when driving through the tunnel.