sudan in a sentence

Sudan offered heavy and lightweight logistic support.

Sudan has fertile land where expanded irrigation could be profitable.

Sudan has had a huge surplus this season.

The Sudan variant was responsible for both outbreaks.

Sudan formally became independent on 1 January 1956.

South Sudan has suffered internal conflict since its independence.

The list may include high government officials of Sudan .

Russian weapons sales to Sudan totaled 21 million dollars.

In southern Sudan hundreds of thousand were killed.

Four examples acquired in Sudan were being refurbished.

Approximately 70 languages are native to Sudan .

Sudan has extensive economic relations with China.

Sudan lies between latitudes 8° and 23°N.

Sudan was granted independence on 1 January 1956.

South Sudan has denied supporting the rebels .

In Sudan , subsistence women farmers face economic development limitations.

USAID has been Sudan‘s largest food aid donor since 2004.

Petroleum is Sudan‘s major natural resource.

In 2011 Sudan was divided into two countries.

Sudan entered stoppage time 2-0 up.

Babies in the Sudan wept precious tears.

Sudan enumerated people by ethnicity in 1956.

Water conflict in Sudan typically concerns canal building or farming projects.

South Sudan has a very high rate of child marriage.

South Sudan exports timber to the international market.