substandard in a sentence

We observe substandard cure rates and increasing mortality figures.

Housing has always been substandard and overcrowded.

This is due to substandard safety standards.

A dozen students transferred after the substandard rating.

A dementia sufferer may be living in substandard accommodation.

Describe procedures for addressing substandard performance. 4.

Such substandard practices are epidemic at abortion clinics across America .

Worse still , 37% of rented properties are substandard .

The note suggested my dock was substandard and not very level.

Both are rare gems in a crowded, substandard market.

Again, we knew we were getting substandard information.

Literally hundreds of thousands of children are taught in substandard buildings.

They usually appear with substandard filtration, inadequate circulation or stagnation.

There also have been reports of such pharmacies dispensing substandard products.

The Met was often considered a substandard venue for football.

Both incidents give indications of negligent and substandard practices.

The catering in the club is poor and food substandard .

Too many of our children are in substandard schools.

Slum areas are characterized by substandard housing structures.

We can’t blame China for substandard vaccines.

The steering is not functional and wobbly front wheels are substandard .

This commonly accepted meaning falls within the broader concept of substandard medicines.

The affected residents are living in substandard conditions with many genetic diseases.

substandard items may be cheaper or simply more readily available.