subsidize in a sentence

We live in a federally-subsidized housing complex.

The university now subsidizes bus passes for students.

They live in a housing complex which is subsidized for low income families.

Basic commodities such as rice and corn are heavily subsidized by the government.

You are not eligible for a subsidized bus pass unless you are a full-time student.

The milk industry in that province is heavily subsidized by the federal government.

Discussion question: Should the government subsidize university education for its citizens?
Discussion question: Do you think the government should subsidize agriculture in your country?
Studies show that women’s unpaid labor directly and indirectly subsidizes men’s paid labor.

Find someone who thinks the government should subsidize post-secondary education.

In my opinion, the government should build more subsidized housing for the poor in this country.

The government has a program to help subsidize farms that convert from growing tobacco to other crops.

The government of Brunei provides for all medical services for its people, and subsidizes rice and housing.

The cost of food in Belarus used to be heavily subsidized by the government, so prices there were quite low.

Immigrants studying ESL at Camosun College are subsidized by the federal government, so their fees are very low.