subdivided in a sentence

But twin peaks itself was further subdivided .

Each circle is subdivided into smaller segments.

Each chapter is further subdivided into parts covering specific regulatory areas.

The 10 states are further subdivided into 86 counties.

The district municipalities are further subdivided into 226 local municipalities.

The municipality is subdivided into four parts.

Organic soils are subdivided into 4 great groups.

Each lab is further subdivided into divisions.

More heavily populated areas were often subdivided on multiple occasions.

The building has since been subdivided into industrial units.

These denominations were subdivided into 62 styles.

The district is subdivided into 20 localities.

The land became subdivided into many blocks.

The mandate region was subdivided into six states.

These groups are subdivided into countless smaller cells.

The grille was vertically split and subdivided horizontally.

It is subdivided into various specific programs.

These districts were further subdivided later on.

Each block was subdivided by small lanes.

Each district is further subdivided into boroughs.