stubbornly in a sentence

He stubbornly persisted in his opinion.

The policeman stubbornly refused to reduce my speeding ticket to a warning.

The Sikh religion believes that one who stubbornly follows his own mind will suffer in the world hereafter.

Her teenage daughter is stubbornly insisting that it’s perfectly safe for her to walk home from her friend’s place late at night.

Malnutrition rates remain stubbornly high, UN aid chief for Somalia Philippe Lazzarini said.

The project began in 2008, fueled by the frustration over stubbornly high drunken-driving fatalities.

She attempts to stop him from abusing his power, but Jaypaw stubbornly refuses.

Jennifer stubbornly refused to give up the charade and Jack couldn’t figure out why.

The “Ariete” Division alone was attacked by them on 2 June, but it defended itself stubbornly.

On June 11, 1861, Jackson tried to get Lyon to agree to the earlier terms, but Lyon stubbornly refused.

Kaoru’s beliefs are held strongly and proudly, almost stubbornly, particularly her beliefs in the sword.

272927 Khatris encountered hardships after the conquest of the region, but stubbornly clung to their heritage.

Tony stubbornly refuses to delve into his own mind, and tells her of his sexual dream with her before leaving.

Simon stubbornly forbids her to attend the school, but Terri’s mother wants the best for her sole remaining child.

Evans continued to resist stubbornly, remaining 24 not out as England were bowled out for 186 to cede a 409-run victory.

She remained off the stubbornly defended island caring for casualties and unloading until 2 December, when she sailed for Pearl Harbor.