Strut: in a sentence

Definition of Strut

to walk proudly with your head upright showing you are important

Use Strut in a sentence

He is very rich and  struts around like he owns the world.

The famous singer strutted around on stage during the concert.

The party was full of famous people strutting around in fur coats and expensive suits.

Boys would park their cars there and girls would strut from one to another wearing jean shorts and boots.

The soldiers strutted in circles atop the New Town Hall’s bell tower.

The crowd burst into applause, and Jessie Ann strutted off the stage.

When he arrived at the finish line, he strutted back and forth for a few minutes.

The little girl strutted past her friends in a familiar pair of white pink cloth t-shirt and shorts.

With a chestful of confidence, Miranda strutted across the asphalt stage and enjoyed the audience’s polite applause.

Each year, car companies do a little peacock strut, showing off their design skills to each other and the auto-show tribes.