Strewn in a sentence

Definition of Strewn

scattered around a large area

Use Strewn in a sentence

After the bombing, the streets were strewn with broken glass.

Drawers were open and contents strewn around the house when we arrived home.

My sister is an untidy person whose clothes are  strewn across the floor.

Phil was sitting at the table with coffee, newspaper strewn around and his laptop open, going through email and checking the news.

The city was dirty, covered in graffiti, garbage strewn everywhere.

The floor is strewn with torn paper boxes and numerous pencils.

That night the sky was very clear and stars were strewn horizon to horizon.

She weaved her way around battered blue plastic seats, strewn across the parking lot.

Pieces of paper were strewn all over the floor.

“Bullets and grapeshot left the road strewn with dead and wounded, ” recalled a French eyewitness.