streamline in a sentence

Motokazu has announced that it has decided to merge its wholly owned subsidiaries in order to streamline their marketing, sales, manufacture, and service support operations, in order to increase overall business efficiency.

Some taxpayers can opt for the easier and less costly streamlined program.

The new approach is a modern, streamlined format ideal for mobile and tablets.

streamlined interface: The app’s main interface is uncluttered and great for chatting.

The need to streamline airport security processes and reduce passengers’ waiting time.

The shape is streamlined and svelte, with wings sprouting from the cockpit’s top rear.

142751 But we found a way to streamline administrative procedures and speed things up.

The Senate can use a streamlined process called reconciliation that prevents filibusters.

Microsoft has been working to streamline its search and advertising business business for months.

These include measures to streamline pensions, raise tax revenue and liberalise the labour market.

But he called for migrant policy to be streamlined to allow a focus on those who needed the most help.

Thanks to WebExtensions API, this review process will be streamlined to five days max (theoretically).