stray dog in a sentence

Some are stray dogs found by a private party.

Their heads are thrown to the stray dogs .

A mixed stray dog with an enigmatic background.

stray dog is chasing sheep in the valley.

The stray dog comparison is an interesting one.

Kind of like feeding a stray dog .

Cars crawled by, chased by stray dogs .

Leave it for hungry cats and stray dogs .

Right, a stray dog who immediately began barking loudly.

And there is nothing stirring but a few stray dogs .

stray dog ran onto the field during the Surrey game.

Avoid contact with stray dogs and other animals.

His Stand allows him to control stray dogs .

Annie successfully escapes, running into a friendly stray dog .

There are many stray dogs in the city’s derelict areas.

Were dozens of stray dogs buried alive in northern China?

Working like farm animals , feed like stray dogs .

There is around a million stray dogs in Russia .

Now gangs of stray dogs worried lone strollers.

Another serious public health hazard comes from Bangkok’s stray dogs .

Heartbreaking moment stray dog discovers a dead puppy .

stray dogs are generally too difficult to catch .

The scenes are mostly unpeopled, save for stray dogs .