Stratum strata in a sentence

Definition of Stratum (plural strata)

a layer of rock or earth ; social class

Use Stratum in a sentence

He buys expensive clothes to show himself in an even higher stratum.

He despises people of a lower social stratum and never talks to them.

The loss of youth and beauty, from whichever social stratum you view it, is a universal experience.

The discovery of an easy to drill and oil rich stratum fueled nearly $4 billion in spending in 2013.

First came a thin layer of topsoil, then a stratum of moist clay.

Geologists soon found a similar iridium layer at the same geological strata in other parts of the world.

Asking people at random will help us capture the opinions of some of the strata we didn’t identify. We’ll choose 10 people at random from each stratum.

No matter whether educated or wealthy or not, all strata of society commit crimes.

The island of Manhattan is built on three strata (fault lines) known as Manhattan Schist, Inwood Marble, and Fordham Gneiss.

All crime occurs in a specific psychological strata, and until we get to the bottom of what drives people down to this mental level we will always have crime.