Stratosphere: in a sentence

Definition of Stratosphere

the uppermost part of the  atmosphere; a very high position, level, or amount

Use Stratosphere in a sentence

GreatGlobe’s satellites are stationed in the stratosphere.

Weather balloons are designed to race up into the stratosphere, then pop.

After the crises in the country, prices soared into the stratosphere.

This eruption sent debris well into the stratosphere.

Their album sold 10 million-plus copies and launched them into the stratosphere.

After many struggling years,  the leader is now at the top of the political stratosphere of the country.

Auguste was the first balloonist to reach the stratosphere.

Way up in the stratosphere, ozone filters out much of the sun’ s biologically harmful ultraviolet light.

The stratosphere extends from about six to thirty miles above sea level.

They were the elite, those rare birds who soared in the stratosphere of celebrity, wealth and high society.