strategically || in a sentence

Luxembourg is strategically located between France, Germany and Belgium.

These islands are strategically very important to the military interests of the U.S.
The military installation on the island of Guam is one of the most strategically important American bases in the Pacific.

“I think Bush was strategically smart to seize the moment the way he did.

Three nattily-attired coywolves are strategically located in the gallery.

Kobani is a strategically valuable city that sits on the border with Turkey.

strategically important property of the state may not be privatized, he said.

It’s done by spraying water overnight, using strategically placed sprinklers.

strategically, China aims to neutralize potential threats as much as possible.

13. Think strategically Running a business requires a lot of strategic thought.

This is a new reality for us strategically, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

With their families, they number about 10 million people, strategically placed,” he says.

What advice do you have for CIOs and people in IT who want to contribute more strategically?

Gliniewicz aimed the first shot strategically toward his bulletproof vest and the second under it.

With a total of 21 hours per week, I can think more strategically about how to prioritize my tasks.

But it’s very important for you to be patient and work on it very systematically and strategically.

Ukraine’s top rebel leader announced that an offensive had begun on the strategically important port.

Kobani, aka Ayn al-Arab, is strategically important because of its location on the border with Turkey.

Modi has deployed the personal touch strategically, particularly to disarm those who have opposed him.