strategic in a sentence

Strategic thinking depends especially heavily upon logical reasoning.

Investment bankers offer executives strategic planning advice.

strategic leader is strategically future oriented.

This chapter describes strategic level movement control organizations.

Such vehicles are called strategic alliances – strategic partnerships.

Such vehicles are called strategic alliances – strategic partnerships.

The contemporary strategic environment presents many challenges.

A similar phrase is ” strategic independence”.

The report has identified 10 strategic priorities.

The important strategic business insights are almost always intuitive.

U.S. strategic bombers begin leaving their bases.

This is such a clear strategic intent.

This has been a careful strategic effort involving partnerships across sectors.

strategic analysis and vision was almost totally absent.

The strategic priorities and key objectives are listed below.

Is the strategic planning team still motivated?

This adventure demands tactical and strategic insight.

It knows the strategic environment is changing.

What is their effectiveness against strategic targets?