Straitlaced in a sentence

Definition of Straitlaced

very proper and strict in manners and morals

Use Straitlaced in a sentence

Our new style of clothing shocked some of our more straitlaced friends.

Gammy was straitlaced and old-fashioned, but protective as a mother tiger.

Tom’s uncle is very straitlaced – he would probably be shocked if you mentioned sex or women.

One of the few contentions in their marriage was that she found him too straitlaced.

He’s an architect who’s sort of straitlaced, and disciplined.

Jimmy Carter has a reputation as a very straitlaced Baptist who cannot tolerate watching TV.

The character in the novel comes from a very straitlaced Christian family with many rules.

Strait-laced people usually tend to be  very boring and narrow-minded.

My recommendations may appear too straitlaced, but you should at least think them again.

e introduced a strict decorum in court and made a point of straitlaced behavior.