straighten in a sentence

I can’t straighten out my back.

Brush your hair, and straighten your tie before you go in for the interview.

My daughter has wavy hair, but she wants to buy a product that will straighten her hair.

A Japanese proverb notes that you can’t straighten a snake by putting it in a bamboo cane.

Tuck in your shirt and straighten your tie before you go in for your interview.

333574 If you want a visa, straighten out yourself, the RM told her.”

In the end, crews removed the girders and used heat to straighten the steel.

Now straighten the legs as much as possible by lifting the knees off the floor.

841664 This didn’t go over whale may want to heard that we would straighten these kids.

3. Back and spine: Maintain the natural curves of your spine — don’t try to straighten it.