Stockade in a sentence

Definition of Stockade

a fence of grounded wooden posts used as a defensive measure ; prison

Use Stockade in a sentence

The gate of the outer wooden stockade was open and undefended.

The presence of conflict and warfare is indicated by four constructions of the log Stockade wall.

The men dug an earthen bunker, built a stockade, and mounted cannons.

Within 15 days, Morse faced enough charges to put him in the stockade for 20 years.

Don’t be afraid! The dog was already inside the stockade.

Other desks butt against each other, forming a kind of stockade.

Soldiers stormed into the stockade and killed all of them.

After a brief rest, he set his men to work building a stockade around the village.

The stockade doors at the front of the cave burst open and all the animals escaped.

At the stockade gate, the guard checked his pass and waved him inside.