Stilted in a sentence

Definition of Stilted

formal and unnatural in form or tone

Use Stilted in a sentence

I had an increasingly stilted conversation with my neighbor on boring topics.

While many feel nervous and tend to be somewhat stilted at the start, they soon realise that they are in a “friendly” environment.

They have begun to reform it a little but it is still a rather stilted pantomime.

His speech rolled out in formal, almost stilted tone.

At times scheme books can be stilted and children need other books to enjoy a good story and bright pictures.

The visit to the Coptic Museum was a little slow and stilted.

He is a very stiff and stilted person who never seems able to relax.

As usual, stilted and uncomfortable conversation is made until the meal is done.

It was again a stilted and awkward  school visit to a museum.

In your essay, you should  make sentences clear and concise, but not to the point of being stilted or very brief.