stigma in a sentence

The stigma is usually colored deep pink.

But does the “brain disease” belief actually reduce stigma ?

Criminal law is intended to impose moral stigma .

The negative side of reputation is stigma .

The stigma of mental illness is serious.

Another major challenge in dementia care is stigma .

West knew stigma was something he might face.

The stigma issue is equally a red herring.

He has witnessed stigma‘s devastating effects firsthand.

The stigma is not imposed from outside.

The stigma just shows peoples ignorance and own stupidity.

We are making great strides to remove that perceived stigma .

Their model causes and maintains the stigma .

Should their genetic counselors reflect that stigma ?

A whole family could feel the stigma .

How does sexual minority stigma “get under the skin”?

Women suffer greater restrictions and social stigma than men.

The social stigma associated with mental disorders is a widespread problem.

People with bipolar disorder often face problems with social stigma .

It can remove choice and increase stigma .

You perpetuate the stigma you deny exists.

It creates a negative stigma for organ donors .

The stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness is pervasive and harmful .

Women are more heavily affected by this stigma .

She wanted to change the stigma around mental illness .