Stewardship in a sentence

Definition of Stewardship

looking after or controlling  property or something else, management

Use Stewardship in a sentence


My boss has blocked my attempts to rise to a higher stewardship  position.

He believes good stewardship is morally driven and scientifically based.

Good social skills are the essence of effective personnel stewardship.

What do you think of Obama’s economic stewardship? Do you find him successful?

The strike was called off on Monday because the union and stewardship have made a deal.

Why have wages gone down under his stewardship?

Stewardship of the city should go to the Britain or France?

Harrison is  incapable of making difficult decisions, and is unfit for a senior stewardship position.

A committee has been formed of workers and stewardship to try to resolve issues between them before they become a serious problem.

The workers are negotiating a new contract with stewardship.

Henry’s dictatorial stewardship style often angers his colleagues.