Steward in a sentence

Definition of Steward

an individual who is protecting something or responsible for it

a man serving food and drinks to passengers on a plane or ship

Use Steward in a sentence

Our cabin steward is a recent college graduate named Jack.

Anderson advocated that their steward should account only for cash receipts.

Romney has accused Obama of being a weak steward of U.S. power.

Is there a Japanese speaking steward in this shop?

You will begin your training tomorrow. My steward will pay you at the end of each month.

The food was fantastic and I made friends with a lovely Indian steward who gave me 2 lunches!

He just isn’t a credible steward of U.S. foreign policy.

His grandfather, Alexander Littlejohn, was a steward aboard the Titanic.

A company like Google that is the steward of personal information from hundreds of millions of people has to do better.

We really need a better steward of our nations finances.

A California land trust steward has just announced plans to conserve 1,600 acres.