Stethoscope in a sentence

Definition of Stethoscope

a medical tool a doctor uses to listen to noises from the lungs and heart

Use Stethoscope in a sentence

The doctor used her stethoscope to listen to the heart of my father.

Lilly was wearing a white lab coat and the school nurse’s stethoscope.

Lester put the earpieces in and pressed the stethoscope against Ellickson’s chest.

The child made a stethoscope from a paper plate and construction paper.

She lifted the baby’s top and pressed the stethoscope to her belly, then listened.

Dr. Jamie Fraser placed his stethoscope against the old man’s narrow chest.

He wrapped his stethoscope around his neck and turned toward the nurse.

She turned Tayla onto her side to listen to her lungs with her stethoscope.

I knew he was a doctor by the stethoscope hanging from his neck.

She pulled her stethoscope off her neck, then listened.