Sterile in a sentence

Definition of Sterile

free from bacteria, germs, microbes

not being able to have babies; not productive

Use Sterile in a sentence

You must rinse your eyes with sterile water.

A doctor must make sure the instruments are clean and sterile for surgery.

This must all be done inside completely sterile glass flasks to ensure there is no contamination.

Clean rooms are intended to be sterile environments in which drugs are produced.

Everything in the clinic was sterile, which made it unlikely that the infection had arisen there.

Tattoo artists and ink makers should use only sterile water to dilute ink, health officials advise.

The boy’s room is sterile, with no posters on the walls.

All products are sterile packaged.

Some plants have only one leaf; they are sterile and flowerless.

Nasal irrigation using a sterile solution in the form of spray, drops or liquid may help relieve some symptoms.