Steppe in a sentence

Definition of Steppe

a large, dry, grass-covered land without trees

Use Steppe in a sentence

Siberia’s arid Kulunda Steppe suffers from poor soil conditions.

The steppe here is dotted with lakes that are in turn infested with huge numbers of birds.

To the East of the green sea, you first reach swamps and then wide steppe lands.

The west of the continent is bleak steppe and desert.

A restricted species found in scattered colonies across the Caucasian steppes.

The area is typical steppe with a sandy soil and a sparse covering of grass, herbs and shrub.

This trip takes you through several steppe areas including desert, forest and mountainous zones.

After some hours driving, we saw a spiral of dust approaching us fast across the steppe .

The short, rugged steppe horse was most readily available in China.

The lions and the dragons of the steppe were lying in sweet sleep.

Overhead we saw steppe eagle and black kite amongst the regular vultures.