Stentorian in a sentence

Definition of Stentorian

extremely loud, powerful (voice)

Use Stentorian in a sentence

The stentorian noise in the nightclub was bothering my wife, so we left.

We heard a stentorian explosion, and then turned around in time to see the car burst into flames.

His heart almost stopped beating when a stentorian explosion echoed through the tunnels.

The noise in the factory was so stentorian that we couldn’t hear ourselves speaking.

He was awakened by Henri’s stentorian snore. Unable to sleep, Claude decided to get out of bed.

I was suddenly awakened by a stentorian noise.

The strained, stentorian voice of the judge called for attention.

I got a call from David Axelrod a minute after the show ended, saying, in a stentorian voice, no one in Chicago thinks that was a bit funny.


We heard a stentorian bang, and ran outside, where we saw there had been a car accident.

He arched his back, presumably to expand his lungs for full stentorian effect.

He put his guitar too close to the amplifier, and it made some really stentorian feedback.

I heard a stentorian crash from the kitchen, and ran in to find that my cat had knocked over a pile of dirty dishes.