Stench in a sentence

Definition of Stench

a very unpleasant sontrong smell

Use Stench in a sentence

The neighbors soon began complaining about the intolerable stench coming from garbagecan.

There’s a stench in the air, of red meat that’s been left out in the sun.

Some emergency workers wore masks to try and protect themselves from the stench of the dead.

They tried to mask the stench of the outhouse with some kind of spray, but it didn’t work.

U.N. observers could smell the stench of burned corpses Friday.

The hidden door swung open and a horrific stench met his nostrils.

The stench of tear gas still hung in the air on Monday.

Despite the stench in the room, I held my breath and made my call to retrieve my messages.

The house was overpowered with a  stench of animal waste.

There is a stench of rotting seaweed on the beach when the tide is low.

There’s a stench in the fridge. I think something’s gone bad.