steepled in a sentence

It is topped with a 71-meter steepled tower.

She swallowed, then steepled her fingers together.

The investigating magistrate steepled his fingertips judiciously.

Bishop clasped his hands together and steepled his fingers.

Nicolo leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers against his lips.

Gyggle steepled his freckled fingers and tucked them under a tier of the beard.

Luke steepled his hands again.

The General steepled his fingers.

As the tech left the bridge, Spock steepled his fingers and seemed lost in thought.

Fedorov sat beside Thiercelin at the end of the long library table, steepled his blunt fingers and rubbed them together carefully.

He sat perfectly still, his hands steepled in front of him, staring intently at the empty seat across from him.

The original Norman church was a steepled church, of decorative design, and was situated opposite Upton Manor on Moreton Road.

She steepled her fingers and tried to look thoughtful, which probably would have been more effective if she hadn’t been slurping the last few inches of a noodle into her mouth.

We can’t afford to lose our on-site director at this point.” She steepled her long fingers and smiled at him.

I simply do not even know why strip clubs exist…but I’d rather be in a Bar where women dance scantily nude then in some steepled church where I am also being blatantly lied too and forced to pay a collection.

Edinburgh has an elegant mix of sweeping Georgian crescents and steepled medieval tenements guarded by its brooding, eponymous castle , mixed in with the hip music and arts scene.

As he lies back in his armchair, grey hair falling across his brow and his fingertips steepled on his chest, he gives a rehearsed explanation.

Do you think of your denominational affiliation, Fellowship, or the steepled building with its pulpit, platform, alters and pews?

We should not invest in the works of the flesh by erecting steepled monuments we will suffer no loss by the fires of testing which will one day consume them all.