Steep in a sentence

Definition of Steep

expensive or high; having slope at a high angle; sharp (increase or decrease)

Use Steep in a sentence

If you ask me, $40 is pretty steep for a simple t-shirt. (expensive)

We had a lavish dinner at an steep restaurant for our wedding anniversary.

Sending the products by air is steep , but they’re needed urgently, so we have no choice

I don’t think an inexperienced skier should try this hill, it’s much too steep. (having slope at a high angle)

The old woman was gasping for breath by the time she reached the top of the steep stairs.

The climbers were all roped together as they made their way up the steep face of the mountain.

The roof of the buildings have a steep slope so that the snow doesn’t build up in winter.

There has been a steep increase in our costs, so our profits have gone down considerably.(sharp)

We have seen a steep decrease in our costs since implementing the computer inventory system

A steep  decrease in blood flow to the brain usually results in a loss of consciousness.