Steed in a sentence

Definition of Steed

a strong fast horse, especially for riding purposes

Use Steed in a sentence

We all placed bets on different steeds , but none of us won anything.

The knight was dressed in armor of steel, and sat on a snow white steed.

After winning countless races, the steed was sold for over a million dollars for breeding purposes.

Winners were invited to ride their steeds to the front of the arena to collect their trophies and show off, which several did with great gusto.

The farmer had to shoot his steed after it became crippled as a result of a bad fall.

A black steed,  in jewels and silk, had carried the king to the palace.

My steed is stabled on a farm near my house.

Despite working all day, the steeds showed no signs of weariness.

I think it is cruel to whip a steed to make it run faster.

Riding a wild steed is really thrilling.