statewide in a sentence

Average teacher experience is already roughly equivalent across schools statewide .

statewide school voucher program was enacted.

About 160 retailers are still seeking licenses statewide .

The third order has statewide operated widely.

The state needs dramatically better leadership from statewide education policymakers.

The event has been designed to help distressed homeowners statewide .

Minnesota was offering workshops and technical assistance statewide .

statewide safety rest area system plan should be maintained.

National and statewide burns disaster plans were activated.

He was active in statewide education projects.

The company surveyed 502 registered voters statewide by phone.

The primary has been used in statewide elections since 1975.

His company disseminated political news to 80 newspapers statewide .

Mississippi emergency officials said seven people had been killed statewide .

Route 52 has a high statewide priority.

He was elected to statewide office six times.

Mutual needed fourteen affiliates to deliver comparable statewide coverage.

Democrats could sweep those three statewide races.

statewide evaluation provided insights on implementation issues.

The license is valid statewide for 5 years.

They are offering a 20% off statewide .

statewide advisory committee helps coordinate these activities.

In 2002, 17 states had statewide remedial placement policies.

The statewide driving ban doesn’t lift until 4 pm today.

statewide advisory committee is being formed to rewrite the plans.