startling || in a sentence

Her beautiful long lashes, and her startling blue eyes drive men crazy.

The wind blew the door shut with great force, startling everyone in the room.

startling new evidence from the American visit to Alpha Centauri has affirmed the existence of a world much like our own.

A recent U.S. poll by Forrester Research, for example, provides startling numbers.

720265 The first real scare of the movie is genuinely startling, because it’s so weird.

Here he is pictured in 1954 wearing a startling beard especially grown for the film ‘Moby Dick’.

230264 For a teen movie junkie, Beyond Clueless”” is eye-opening to an almost startling degree.”

His voice is startling and clear, all the deep grief of the village seeming to well up within it.

It was startling, electric – it beckoned, it provoked, it zapped up the energy level of the reader.

But parallel to this triumphant narrative, a startling number of people still live in abject poverty.