stampede stampeder in a sentence

Quaterback Bo Levi Mitchell of the Calgary stampeders was the finalist.

He was caught up in the stampede and he was not shot,” said Banda-Karinda.

The gift was originally intended to mark the stampede‘s centennial in 2012.

Here are some tips on how to avoid breaking the bank at the Calgary stampede.

Four cowboys qualify for the final round held on the last day of the stampede.

The Calgary stampeders are parading the Grey Cup through the city this winter.

I want to do it … rationally and carefully so I’m not stampeded into anything.

Nearly 200 people were injured in the blaze and during a stampede for the exit.

Wherever Alberta is putting its Political Oblivion lately, it’s not at stampede.

Last month, 20 fans died in a stampede outside a stadium as police fired tear gas.

The former varsity track athlete is the sister to Calgary stampeder, Adam Thibault.

Victoria Bergeron says she was sexually harassed and groped at last year’s stampede.

• 1998: One hundred eighty people die in a stampede near Mecca at the end of the Hajj.

The Calgary stampede is a great 10-day party, but it isn’t how we live our daily lives.

And Hufnagel says the stampeders fully understand the difficulty of the task before them.

The stampeders season came to an end on Sunday following a 45-31 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos.

Health officials and police said all the victims, mostly youngsters, were crushed in a stampede.

Three people were taken into custody for questioning after a foot chase off the stampede grounds.

In 2007, an estimated 3,000 walruses died in stampedes stemming from mass crowding on shorelines.

Aerial surveys have shown major overcrowding which has led to deadly stampedes and food shortages.

634686 Some have drowned, and others were crushed in stampedes or asphyxiated by boat engine fumes.

346779 In 2002 around 40 people were killed in Tangail, Bangladesh in stampede at a garment factory.

Similar stampedes during the stoning ritual in 2006 and 2004 killed 364 and 251 people respectively.

Visitors enjoying the first weekend of the stampede searched for cover as hail pelted the fairgrounds.

Hundreds killed in stampede at Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca CNN’s Don Melvin contributed to this report.