Stampede in a sentence

Definition of Stampede

animals or people suddenly start running in the same direction in a state of panic;

or people doing something at the same time

Use Stampede in a sentence

Some are crushed in the stampede down the steps.

More than 700 people trampled to death during a stampede.

The company  hires 2,000 extra staff to handle iPhone stampede.

Hundreds of Pokemon Go enthusiasts caused a stampede in Taipei on Sunday in a rush to catch rare Pokemon.

Saudi Arabia has raised the death toll from a stampede during the annual Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca.

The cows may run in a stampede if they are frightened by a sudden noise.

in China today, five people were hurt in a stampede of soccer fans at the University of Shanghai.

The police attacked the crowd with sticks, she said, which caused a stampede that injured three people.

Most of the casualties died from suffocation as they were caught in a stampede.

Officials say a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in the southern Philippines has caused minor damage and a mall stampede, leaving at least 23 people injured.