Stalwart in a sentence

Definition of Stalwart

being dedicated and loyal to  a particular organization or set of ideas,

Use Stalwart in a sentence

As a stalwart fan of Tom Hanks, I’ve seen all his movies.

Jack is a stalwart employee working the success of the enterprise.

James is a Democratic Party stalwart who’d been in office since 1996.

He is a new stalwart defender of the Big Bang theory and reads many articles on it.

She has also been a stalwart of our committee, at various times being Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair.

Kirsten has always been a stalwart friend, and would never do anything to hurt me.

A stalwart defender of the project, Whittaker spends most of his time in the lab.

He continued to be a stalwart of that environment organization and tried to do his best for the nature.

Miss Gobling, a stalwart of the Sunday School was an active Guide Leader for many years.

Paul has been a stalwart of the Committee for 11 years and we have valued his input and advice greatly.

Both have been stalwart fencers and have been awarded colors for their achievements and contribution to the sport.