Stalk in a sentence

Definition of Stalk

to slowly and secretly follow a person or animal (sometimes in annoying way)

Use Stalk in a sentence

A couple of lions were silently stalking a small herd of zebras at the waterhole.

A man who has been stalking singer Jennifer Lopez was arrested outside her home today.

I don’t Facebook stalk anybody I’m not close to and actually want to know about.

The cheetah’s spotted coat helps it to hide in the grass while stalking prey.

Her ex-husband has been stalking her ever since they got divorced.

Police are watching a stalker who has been bothering women in the area over the last few weeks.

The murderer had apparently been stalking his victim for days, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Violent gangs stalk the streets of our city making it unsafe for the average citizen.

Don’t stalk me on the apps that I use.

In the animal world predators stalk their prey, keeping a close eye on their movements, slyly following them, tracking them.

They want to have the right to spy, stalk and harrass everyday people without being held accountable.