Staggering in a sentence

Definition of Staggering

amazing, quite surprising and shocking

Use Staggering in a sentence

She has made staggering progress in English since she got a American boyfriend.

The figures which describe Sudan’s poverty are staggering .

Unemployment is at a staggering 24.4 percent.

A staggering 900 million animals are killed for food every year in the UK.

A staggering amount of air power is being used. 80 fighter bombers and 100 cruise missiles – costing £800,000 each – were launched on the first night alone.

Last year, Americans spent staggering $1 billion on beauty items for fingernails.

As a hardworking student, he got staggering 30% on his math exam.

A staggering 94,400 businesses closed during the three months of this year.

A recent study revealed that almost staggering 90 percent of Americans label themselves as shy.<

The concert crowd was comprised of a staggering variety of people, from punk rockers, to businessmen, and retired couples.