SSA in a sentence

SSA projects support community improvement and economic development.

The local SSA office approves each branch individually.

SSA is able to extract polynomial and exponential trends.

The representative died before SSA issued the favorable decision.

Stop selling yourselves short, SSA members.

School records are kept in the SSA archives.

Successful program completion can lead to permanent placement within SSA .

SSA expenses have always been a small fraction of benefits paid.

For SSA a cappella choir, 1993.

The 1988 SSA keeps benefits low and subsidises low wages.

Will SSA send me to see doctors?

Receive written authorization from SSA to collect a fee.

Receive written authorization from SSA prior to collecting a fee.

SSA‘s decision is fully or partially favorable to the claimant.

SSA considers AR as a noise component only.

This decomposition is the main result of the SSA algorithm.

However winning disability under the SSA disability program can be difficult .

Here is the difference between SSA and VA.

The effectiveness of FDI promotion in SSA is generally low.

SSA gives its graduates a broad grounding in the social sciences.

SSA‘s approach is interdisciplinary and intellectually pluralistic.

SSA staff members were responsible for technical and editorial assistance and production.

SSA pays benefits due a beneficiary determined incapable through a representative payee.

Make and keep copies of everything sent to the SSA .

So the SSA records can help support your VA claim.

Therefore, you must contact your local SSA office for guidance.