Squeal in a sentence

Definition of Squeal

to scream; to make a loud noise

Use Squeal in a sentence

The baby squealed in delight when she saw the kitten.

The child was so excited when she got a new toy. She squealed and jumped up and down.

Children playing hide and seek squeal with delight.

Somewhere in the front of the plane a baby is squealing and then beginning to cry.

A door squealed open.

Racing into the dining room on his bicycle, he squealed to a stop just before he reached the table.

A black limo rounded the corner with a squeal of tires.

Her tires squealed on the hot asphalt way as she sped toward her  home.

The engine again roared and the tires squealed as the car peeled off.

A bus stopped on the corner, brakes squealing, exhaling a sour plume of exhaust.