Squawk in a sentence

Definition of Squawk

speak loudly and in an angry way

Use Squawk in a sentence

The young boy walked calmly into the principal’s office to squawk about his teacher.

He’s a very negative person, so he always finds something to squawk about.

She squawked about the problem, but he wasn’t listening to her.

John squawked of a headache when he got up this morning

William squawked at me, excited but serious, frowning like Alfred Hitchcock.

As I recall, my wife squawked loudly when I purchased these shoes.

That politicians have squawked about what government should not be.

Black birds squawked in the woods. (making sharp noise – for birds)

The bird squawked and flapped her wings wildly when a hand suddenly burst up through the ground.

The bird ruffled it’s feathers and squawked.