Squatter in a sentence

Definition of Squatter

a person living on a property without paying a rent or a permission

Use Squatter in a sentence

Many unemployed and homeless people living in that old house as squatters.

Police officials have removed over 10 squatters from the apartment block.

Lin is living with me and paying nothing; she has been a bit of a squatter, actually.

It was a squatter town, packed full of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The Council agreed to the clearance and fencing in of the squatter site in Grosvenor Road.

Two million people live in the squatter camps in the region.

Some squatter families are to get permanent council homes.

One of the squatters in the apartment block beside ours caused a fire that destroyed the entire building.

The squatter said that he has lived in the £400,000 house for 16 years without paying a rent.