Squadron in a sentence

Definition of Squadron

a military force consisting of ships, aircraft, or fighters

Use Squadron in a sentence

The US military is bringing a squadron of Predator drones with missiles to the region.

A better pilot would have convinced his squadron commander to abort the mission.

The military says the squadron is only required to be ready for missions within 12 hours.

The U.S. squadron sank eight Spanish warships in the ensuing battle, inflicting more than 300 casualties.

A squadron of Russian navy ships, including several assault vessels carrying marines, is heading toward the Syrian port of Tartus.

The major U.S. Navy presence includes a squadron of three attack submarines.

A member of the Canadian Forces search and rescue squadron is talking about a harrowing, deadly rescue mission in Nunavut.

The squadron of jets is about to embark on its 2012 season of air show performances.

In late April, a squadron of F-22 stealth fighters was sent to an air base in the United Arab Emirates.

During the battle, a squadron of battleships protected the city.