Sputter in a sentence

Definition of Sputter

speak in a short, confused sentences due to being angry or shocked

an engine making short sounds like explosion

Use Sputter in a sentence

Her son sputtered so hard into the phone, she had to draw her ear away.

Hearing such words, George turned a brilliant red, and sputtered angrily for a moment.

The air conditioner sputtered, pumping damp air into the room.

She sputtered a laugh or an attempted laugh, placing her arm on him.

Richard sputtered at her and instantly regretted it.

“Me? Me! Why, ” Alexia sputtered in outrage.

Somewhere the espresso machine sputtered and choked.

A streetlight sputtered overhead, and Rom turned his head to the sky.

The candle on our table sputtered and went out.

Nikolai sputtered a few curses at her, but his voice strangled in his throat.