Spurt in a sentence

Definition of Spurt

activity, effort, speed, size, movement or emotion suddenly increasing

coming out of something quickly and suddenly

Use Spurt in a sentence

Do they look unnaturally large, as if they’ve undergone a sudden growth spurt?

Official data show a spurt in crimes against women in India.

This is a cloud burst, a sudden spurt of rainfall which often causes flash floods.

Her basketball career, which began in the ninth grade, coincided perfectly with a seven-inch growth spurt in high school.

Puberty is the second big growth spurt in a child’s life, with the largest height gains between ages nine and eleven.

There was a brief spurt of panic in his eyes that Janus enjoyed.

A spurt of laughter flew from between Stella’s lips.

Her bullet created a flesh wound that sent a spurt of blood onto the bedspread.

White House has received a spurt of interview requests.

The first spurt of urban growth occurred in the 1950s and’ 60s in the State.

Dallas went on an 11-2 spurt early in the second quarter capped by Nowitzki’s 14-foot bank shot.

But Orlando quickly responded with an 8-2 spurt, capped by consecutive 3-pointers by Anderson and Richardson, to make it 97-82.