Spruce up in a sentence

Definition of Spruce up

to make yourself/something clean or tidy; to become tidy or clean

Use Spruce up  in a sentence

Play areas at Backworth Park have also been spruced up – with new seating and special road safety markings.

Obviously, just had his hair cut and he’s very spruced up.

Hotel and restaurant interiors have been spruced up and modernized.

A nice tie will probably  spruce up your suit and make you appear more charismatic.

Deserted areas have been spruced up, new training facilities have opened and housing has been improved.

Jim has spruced up its website, in hopes of attracting more visitors.

The man was reborn! He spruced up, got a new wardrobe, got his hair trimmed!

Tsunami-affected school buildings are not only getting repaired, but also spruced up.

Authorities spruced up the capital for the landmark event, spending as much as $500 million to upgrade facilities.

If you are looking for other ways to spruce up your mind, check out an electronics store.