sprinkler || in a sentence

My dog likes to play in the spray from the sprinkler.

Turn the sprinkler on before going out, the grass looks really dry.

I left the sprinkler on all night so the grass won’t need to be watered for a few days.

The sprinklers watering the lawns could be heard hissing in the quiet of the early morning.

Hoover said that means all the city park sprinklers are off until Tuesday.

It’s done by spraying water overnight, using strategically placed sprinklers.

Without the sprinkler system, they said, the fire would have blocked her exit.

The grease flames activated the stove’s hood extinguisher and a nearby sprinkler.

653201 Suddenly, sprinklers turned on, sending them scrambling with their belongings.

Do you live in a Yellowknife apartment building that doesn’t have a sprinkler system?

The soil will get a deep soaking everywhere, not just where my sprinkler system hits.

The greywater must not go in storm drains, leave the property, or be used in sprinklers.

Maddocks felt “helpless” but cleverly turned on the sprinklers, keeping the danger at bay.

Errant sprinklers water sidewalks in city-state Dubai, as leaking pipes pool puddles on roadways.

She loved playing in the sprinkler, though, so maybe she didn’t hate the water, just baths and pools.